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          anilla & the harp

Anilla & The Harp
Walking deep in the forest to clear her mind, like both Ma and Robin advised her, she noticed an orange glow in the sky to the east. Never before had she seen such a beautiful light in the sky. She followed the light as she walked. The afternoon wind was cool and comfortable as it blew in her hair and against her face. The trail was calm and peaceful as she walked. The closer she came to the light, she could she that the glow was really a fire burning with flames of red and orange flaring out through the top of the trees.

This fire was unlike any other fire she had ever seen before. It lit up the night in a very erratic way, and there was no smell of smoke from the burning trees. It was so beautiful and she knew it would cause no harm or damage. She watched the beautiful fire grow higher and higher. She watched it dance and light up the sky. As her eyes followed the flames, three dragon's faces appeared in the fire. As the dragons became more vivid, she noticed their eyes were diamond-shaped and sparkled like cardinal. Their tails were long and lashed like whips through the fire. They were beautiful as they danced and circled her. “No more anger,” one of the dragons whispered to her as he danced. “We will take that from you and give you peace and love,” said another. Watching the dragons, she could feel a quiet, peaceful feeling inside her. Slowly the night wind blew against the fire bringing it to an end. Slowly the dragons diminished into the fire, leaving her with an inner peace and a clear mind.