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Rhonda Lynn Rudolph lives in Los Angeles, California. She is a children’s book author and holds work shops for children in her community and globally. 

In her workshops and her books she emphasizes the importance for children to understand inner peace, confidence, and happiness.

All of her books deal with real life situations that children can relate with, like loss, peer pressure, fear, hurt, anger, and jealously. She reveals how they can take such negative issues and turn them around to reclaim their inner power.

Rhonda Lynn holds a degree in teaching and art. She is fluent in English and Spanish, semi fluent in French.

Book Reviews


Boys & Girls Club:
Drums & Dragon by Rhonda Lynn
The story has great theme. The children had a great impact that how failures in life can make them have a positive outlook. Their self esteem was boosted and they learn that they should have self confidence and never give up hope in life.
This was all very well narrated by author through animal characters. Looking forward in have Rhonda return with more books and reading time.
Greg Garcia
Director of Operations
Boys & Girls Club of the Foothills
(626) 305-5353

Awareness Magazine:
New Review:
Awareness Magazine
Written by Rhonda Lynn,
Illustrated by Serena Wright-Taylor
Robin the little dragon feels like a failure because he can’t breathe fire. The other young dragons make fun of him. Unhappy and ashamed, Robin seeks out Midir, the greatest warrior and teacher of the dragons. Midir tells Robin, “True fire lives in your spirit and heart.” Robin is still afraid that he cannot be a true dragon without breathing fire. But Midir says everyone has a special gift, and it is up to Robin to find his.

That day, Robin watches as Midir easily defeats an evil Shadow Dragon who attacks the village. But when the Shadow Dragon comes back the next day, only Robin is there to protect the village children. Robin has to fight the evil dragon alone — and somehow defeat him without breathing fire. To protect his friends, Robin must face his fears and find his special gifts.

Children will identify with Robin, the little dragon who doesn’t breathe fire. Thi s book will help children to overcome their own fear of failure, and help them see that being different can be a blessing. Robin learns to use mediation and drumming to quiet his mind and keep up his spirits, and children can learn to do this too. Readers will cheer with the villagers when Robin uses his own special gift to defeat the evil dragon.

The appealing illustrations of dragons and children glow with color and may inspire readers to draw their own dragons.

Recommended for children, ages 4-7.


Kabbalah Center:
I just have to tell you that I read your book and thought it’s amazing.
This is such a great message for the kids and adults as well.

Yehuda Goldfiner
Senior Kabbalah Instructor
The Kabbalah Centre International